March, 2020


“Close” is a double entendre. Elderwood Village at Fairport, along Route 31 in Perinton, is in “close” proximity to our readers.  Also, the residents and staff maintain “close” relationships. The Fairport-Perinton Chamber of Commerce celebrated with this “close” community, having honored them as the March Business of the Month.

Residents of Elderwood Village at Fairport have front row seats, experiencing the culture in which this senior community takes pride. Because of this tight knit-interpersonal culture, these residents joined the Elderwood management, staff, and our greater community in celebrating this Business of the Month recognition!

Elderwood Community Relations Coordinator Chelsea Crawford shared, “My colleagues and I genuinely care about each of our residents. We love on them, just as if they were our own family. Residents love back on the staff too, showing their appreciation for how well their residential community is managed.” Crawford re-told a recent experience, “I gave a family a tour of our campus. Their family member was being discharged from rehabilitation and they were told that they had one hour to find a residential placement. Of course, they were frazzled. I felt that the discharge plan was not the safest route for the family. Our Administrator Joe Lynch agreed. So, Joe began making calls, seeking an appropriate solution. The result – the rehabilitation center worked to keep the patient over the weekend, meeting the patient’s care goals and providing the opportunity to thrive safely in an Assisted Living Community upon discharge. Ultimately, Elderwood was chosen as their residence-of-choice. Our community has grown with a happy resident and family!”

Having a Community Relations Coordinator implies that there are many connections from Elderwood into our greater area. In addition to being an active member of the Fairport-Perinton Chamber, they belong to Greater Rochester Area Partnership for the Elderly (GRAPE), the Alzheimer’s Association, and sponsor local initiatives.  Elderwood also demonstrates their broad-community support too. For example, one board member serves on the Epilepsy-Pralid Associate board, supporting individuals with developmental or acquired brain conditions.

Chamber President Jim Bilotta expressed appreciation to this community’s management for their dedication to the Chamber, “We have a minimum of two Chamber events per month and Elderwood is a part of that gathering. Plus, they have opened up their campus to our business-networking by being gracious hosts. We recently enjoyed a stuffed omelet-station bar at our monthly Coffee! It is through members like Elderwood that build and support our local business and organizational connections. We are stronger, together.”

Tours are available by calling: 585.425.0210. Come check out the community renovations in progress!

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