Pinnacle Personal Development

As featured in two Rochester area 2021 Golfer's Digest publicataions...

What Pinnacle Personal Development is ABOUT:
Pinnacle: Pinnacle Personal Development is all about guiding each person to be reach their pinnacle performance in their work, vocation and life passion.

Personal: Our service is designed specifically to meet each individual’s needs. Each person has their own story, their own unique desires, their own strengths and fervor.

Development: The ultimate outcome is clients to determine their own upward evolution and their own goals. We partner with you through a variety of professional services that inspire your genius to flourish.

Our Services:

Individual Coaching
Team Coaching
Group Coaching
Motivational Interviewing Training and Coaching
Restorative Practices Training

Who would be interested in our services?

Executives and leaders in a variety of sectors: Business, Ministry, Education, Non for Profits
Members of any organization that want to improve
Teams who want to improve outcomes, grow their strengths and interact more collaboratively and efficiently

Primary Contact: 
Maureen Thayer, Ed.D, PCC
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Executive Leadership Coaching
Team Coaching
Group Coaching

3 Selborne Chase Fairport, N.Y. 14450