Village of Fairport

Incorporated in 1867 and the Village of Fairport is located on the historic Erie Canal within the Town of Perinton.  The very first use of the Fairport name was recorded in 1829 by a traveler who deemed us a “fair port” in which to stay.

For the more than 6,000 residents and over 300 business owners, the Village of Fairport provides a quality of life and opportunity for commerce that’s unmatched by many communities of our size.

Just what you might expect from the Crown Jewel of the Erie Canal whose storied past is only matched by the prospects of an even brighter future.

From its earliest days, the presence of the waterway helped transform what had once been known as Perrinsville into a very "fair port” for an overnight stay by passing travelers.  The railroad came to Fairport in 1853 making this growing community one of the leading centers of transportation and industry of its time in all of Upstate New York.

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Julie Domaratz
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Mayor of Fairport
(585) 421-3209

31 South Main Street, Fairport, NY, 14450