Edge Advertising Group Develops & Launches Website

Edge Advertising Group has developed and launched a client's website: https://stresslessforwomen.com/ . This website is an example of one size DOES NOT fit all. The sole proprietor of Stress Less for Women had content and images which presented well on a one-page site. While viewing the site, you will note traditional tabs take you to the relevant section, of the one page! For this type of digital need, a one-page website can save time and ultimately money.



Heartland's Surcharging Program

Is passing credit card processing fees to your customers right for you?


Now more than ever, businesses are looking for ways to cut their spending and lower the fees they are paying.  Many businesses in the area are beginning to do this by offsetting the cost of accepting credit card payments, with surcharging. Every little bit helps these days!


The cost to process credit card payments has always been the business owner's responsibility and recently we have seen an increase in the number of owners passing the credit card processing fees off to their customers. This helps the business owner retain more revenue while offsetting the cost of accepting credit cards in a way that doesn't break the rules!

Heartland’s surcharge program ensures that your business is registered and compliant with all the rules and regulations.  One important rule to remember is that surcharge fees can only be applied to credit cards, not debit, gift cards or prepaid cards. 

Of course there are some rules and regulations that you need to keep in mind when considering this for your own business. And this is where a free consultation proves to be beneficial. Click to consult:




Register for Our Events

Register now for our first Speed Networking event! 

Tue, 05/25/2021 - 11:00am to Noon

Hosted jointly with Chamber member Rochester Professional Consultants Network (RPCN)

on Zoom (immediately after registering, you will receive the Zoom link) 

No fee 

Visitors and members are welcomed

Attendance will be limited to 50 participants

Want to expand your network and/or deepen your networking relationships? Speed Networking is a method for you to accomplish these goals, efficiently!

During the hour event, you will be paired one-on-one with six different participants. At the beginning of the Speed Networking, an explanation of the process will be given during the announcements, by experienced Chamber of Commerce Speed Networking volunteer, Dave Finger, Founder of Computer Gardener. We will also take short 30-second breaks between each one-on-one connection to announce a winner from a random prize drawing. The event will conclude with one final winner drawing and announcements.


Additional events being planned include:

Summer: Golden Hello Company presenting: Creating meaningful connections that will increase your bottom line

Summer: RPO is coming to Perinton; stay tuned for visibility opportunities (sponsorships; tables...)

August 6: Ashley Woods Open House - Our Chamber has been invited to participate! As guests of the Penfield Chamber, our members can purchase table space for $50. Selling and alcohol will be permitted. More information to come.

September 14, Noon - 1pm, on Zoom: McConville Considine Cooman & Morrin PC will present 'Succession Planning



Women Have Greater Injury Risks in Car Accidents

Chamber member McConville Considine Cooman & Morrin PC shared an article with the Chamber about gender differences in car accidents. Despite men being involved in more fatal car accidents than women, on a per-crash basis, women are more likely than men to be killed and are more likely to be seriously injured. Read more.



Virtual Vino Fundraising Event for Fairport Baptist Homes

What is Virtual Vino? This virtual fundraiser gives you the chance to win a bottle of wine or gift cards of various values. Tickets are $20 each and you may purchase as many tickets as you like until the items are sold out! All proceeds help to support the programs and services provided by Fairport Baptist Homes that benefit thousands of area seniors.

When are tickets available for purchase?

Tickets are available now and will remain available until each item is sold out. Every ticket is guaranteed to win a prize.

Registration is necessary prior to purchasing a ticket or making a donation. Fairport Baptist Homes is accepting donations of wine and gift cards as well.

When do I find out what I have won?

Join the live Zoom event on May 20th, (zoom link to be sent at a later date), OR, if you are unable to join the live Zoom event, Fairport Baptist Homes will email you directly, to let you know what you have won.

How do I collect my prize?

Winners will be contacted via email to arrange pick-up from Fairport Baptist Homes.



RPO in Perinton this Summer and Also Around the Rochester Area!

Get out and enjoy the sun with your RPO! From philharmonic classics to the music of New Orleans, there’s something for everyone to enjoy with your RPO outdoors this summer!

Visit rpo.org/outdoors for concert listings and information. 





Just Solutions is Growing!

Just Solutions has welcomed Emily Letzin, Nick Kral, and Tom Dobbin to their team! They will be responsible for help desk support, customer service, and keeping client-technology systems running smoothly. Just Solutions prides itself on always going the extra mile to help customers with all of their IT issues. For over two decades now, they've been the go-to company for anyone wanting to get more out of their IT. Just Solutions is a one-stop shop for networks, printers, phones and security. By working with Just Solutions, clients save time and money and are always ahead of the curve with their technology.




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